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Waste–to–Power Plants & RDF (MSW) Boilers

The use of processed Municipal Solid Waste as a fuel to generate steam and electricity is receiving attention from communities as a key component of an integrated Waste Management System. It was in May / June 2000 that Shriram Energy System has invited TSPL to explore & provide custom built solution for their proposed RDF project in Vijayawada which is under implementation. We have visited several installation and interact with specialist in this field in India & Europe. Finally identified special type solution of Multilouvre grate with pneumatic spreader, tail end boiler with horizontal convective bank and cleaning devices of rapping system suitable for firing RDF and biomass effectively. The issues associated with RDF Firing are as follows :

Heterogeneous fuel


  • Non uniform in size & density
  • Properties vary from region to region
  • Properties vary from season to season
  • Variation in the heating value
  • Wide variation of HHV from 2000 to 5000 kcal/kg

Characteristics of RDF

  • RDF contains alkalies normally concentration of potassium & sodium oxide lowers ash fusion temperature to 950°C.
  • Presence of silica with alkalies creates agglomoration & fouling on heating surfaces.
  • Silica in fly ash cause erosion of heating surfaces.
  • Chloride compounds of RDF cause corrosion of heating surfaces.
  • RDF combustion products contains SO2 / SO3 that cause acid dew point corrosion.

Ash fusion and slag formation

Combustion temperature above ash fusion temperature leads to ash fusion & clinker formation on grate.

TSPL is the first Indian company has developed this technology, keeping the national interest as a prime responsibility and to contribute to the society.

TSPL has spent considerable financial resources , manpower resources etc to develop a suitable technology to address the ever increasing problem of disposal of municipal solid waste.

TSPL has already supplied Boiler to Shriram Energy, Vijayawada.

TSPL is closely working with mini International companies also such as Hafner, Italy and so far have supplied Four (4) Boilers to European market for this application.

Corrosion in the furnace

1.Furnace combustion zone is changing between an oxidizing atmosphere (excess O2) & a reducing atmosphere (deficiency of O2) which    accelerate corrosion. 

Acid dew point corrosion

1.Takes place in cold end of boiler (Eco.APH) whose metal temperature is less than sulphur dew point temperature.


TSPL has many Plants in operation and some of the customers are listed below:

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