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Health and safety are individual concern and cuts across the well being of the career of the entire working calss. If your are healthy you are wealthy also. Good food habits and regular exercises or Yoga shall keep you fit. Every person should also ensure that his neighbours are also following health and hygienic principles as you are affected when your neighbour follows unhealthy and unhygeneic premises.Health is an important aspect in the social wecurity measures adopted in Labour Legislation and working class are well protected under ameliorative legisature like ESI etc. With the globalisation,mortality rate in India is Improved and the health and life insurance risk cover in India became economical and affordable in the recent past. Those who are outside the scope of the ESI are advised to take family health insurance ar a reasonable cost and effort.
Yet, another important aspect of every person is the Safety and security of life. Unexpected. undesigned, untoward happennings are called "accidents" which can be prevented by taking proper remedial established precautions. the motor riders are often seen without helmets. The major deeaths of two-wheeler riders are caused by head injuries,although Regulators often goad public wear helmets.We come across many two-wheeler ridrs without helmets and some riders hang the helmet to their vehicles as they feel safety to their vehicle is more important. Also industrial safety is another important aspect in the working life. Every worker should adopt safety methods and also ensure his colleague is also safe. Accidents in the work place could perhaps be avoided if safety guards are used and precaution are well taken.
Glimpse of Dasara Pooja Celebrations held on 27-10-2009
Floods in Andhra Pradesh

Due to vagaries of floods in September 2009, certain parts of A.P are badly affected and many rural people have become homeless.TSPL and its employees are having sympathy for the flood affected victims.

The Management and Employees of TSPL have contributed an amount of rs.5 lakhs to Cheif Minister Relief Fund. Managing Director MR.P.V.Raju handing over chaeque to honourable Cheif Minister on 17th October 2009.

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